Enfaş-Sütaş, Turkey

Realization of a second 2.2 MW (e) biogas plant for Enfaş - part of the Sütaş Group. This is the biggest biogas plant in Turkey using cow manure.

Emphasis in this project is on safety and flexibility in quantities and types of waste being used.

Tarfaş-Sütaş, Turkey

Realization of Turkey’s first biogas plants for the digestion of manure. The project took place in Karacabey at Tarfaş farm, part of Sütaş Group, a market leader in fresh dairy products in Turkey.

Manure from the dairy farm is being digested in a 1.900 m3 digester. The resulting biogas is converted to “green” electricity in a high-efficiency generator of 350 kW(e). The project has been realized under turn-key management by ees.

The plant has become operational in March 2011, when it started to deliver green electricity to the network.

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