4 steps to energy saving

To be able to see where the best energy savings can be found, ees analyzes the different aspects in the business process of a company.

The different energy sources and its usage are also taken into account.

The results of this survey are the foundation for our suggested measures for improvement, which generally provide savings on energy costs from 20% to over 80%.


Step 1: Energy Check

The energy check is performed during a one day visit by our energy engineers who are experienced in energy saving solutions.

The energy check provides you with meaningful information, outlining the current energy usage  as well as specific parts of the working process or the equipment used for which improvements can be achieved.

Also the expected energy saving percentages and Return on Investment are estimated.


Step 2: Solution engineering

Based on the results of the Energy Check, ees develops an engineering solution for energy saving measures within the technical and economical framework of the project. The focus is on functional and sustainable client-specific solutions, utilizing all available energy sources.


Step 3: Implementation of energy solutions

ees provides all services according to the economical and technical conditions of the project. We offer uninterrupted management from the initial idea to the final start-up of the energy saving measures.


Final step: Monitoring of energy saving solutions

The state-of-the-art ees monitoring and controlling system provides all relevant information about energy consumption, functions and malfunctions of all energy related processes in the client's energy system. Our engineers are in full control of the entire operations in real time 24/7, via internet, GPS or SMS. The modular system is customized to meet the specific demands of the energy installation.


Are you interested to see how you can save energy in your organization? Please contact us for more information.

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