Core capabilites

ees International is active in:

energy saving projects in the commercial sector, such as:

  • Setting up energy efficient solutions for start-up projects
  • Providing services to the public and private sector, such as hotels, textile industry, automotive industry, bakeries, butcheries and others regarding energy saving solutions
  • Design and implement equipment for cogeneration according to client requirements
  • Providing consultancy services in the public domain regarding the design or optimization of production and distribution facilities belonging to the municipality.

Production of energy

  • Biomass
  • Solar
  • WKO
  • Biogas
  • Innovation (e.g. Power to Methane)

Distribution of energy

  • Dimension calculation of piping networks
  • Budget calculations of piping networks
  • Business cases for connections
  • Smart grid solutions (Heat/cold and electricity combined cycle)
  • Research & innovation (e.g. diagnostics, better insulation)

Consumption of energy

  • Supervision
  • Contract supervision
  • Long-term maintenance costs planning
  • Innovation (e.g. Compensation by Gold Standard CERs)

Renewable energy

  • Providing services to the public and private sector regarding energy saving solutions,
  • Biogas installations

Within your facility, we consider the various energy systems such as heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting and other electrical consumers in terms of meaningful energy saving, increase in efficiency and heat recovery potentials.

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